3 April 2015

Dear Boys, It's Not For You.

I know you may be confused, shocked even, when I say that I don't wear makeup to impress boys (or anyone for that matter). How could I, a teenage girl, not wear makeup to impress boys?! I will admit that there are occasions when I put a little more eyeliner on or an extra coat of mascara if I know I'm going to be seeing someone who I want to look extra nice for, but I didn't start wearing makeup with the intention to impress you. Sorry.

I started wearing makeup when I was around 12 years old. Back then it was a little bit of lip gloss and maybe some mascara if I was feeling daring. Over the past four years, it's fair to say my makeup collection has grown quite a bit, as has my love for wearing it. And let me tell you, the only thing that hasn't changed about my relationship with makeup are my reasons for wearing it:

It makes me happy, I blooming love it and I don't feel like me without it. 

And when I say that I don't feel like me without it, I don't mean I feel like a lesser or uglier version of myself without it. I simply mean I prefer the way I look with my liquid liner, just like some people prefer the way they look wearing red or have their hair in a bun.

I stayed over at my friends house a few weeks ago. There were 5 of us, boys and girls. Like always, I took my makeup off around 10 o'clock and bare faced continued to spend the evening chatting and laughing with my friends as always. The next morning, I got my makeup bag out, sat on the floor applied my mascara, powder and eyeliner. The bare minimum that I need to feel like me. One of the boys then said to me "why are you putting makeup on? you look great without it". Flattering as it was, I realised he didn't understand that I felt just as comfortable wearing makeup as I did without it and as I discussed in this post, I wasn't wearing makeup because I felt ugly and wanted to hide behind it, but simply because I wanted to. 

I think this blog, and the fact that there are thousands of other women (and men) out there who run beauty blogs and youtube channels like this one proves that the vast, vast majority of people who wear makeup, are wearing it for themselves. I review products based on their quality and the way they make me look, not based on how much more likely a boy is to think I'm attractive on a scale of 1 to 10 when I'm wearing it.

I know that the day I stop enjoying wearing makeup or feel like it's a chore to apply and I'm doing it out of habit rather than pleasure, that will be the day I stop wearing makeup.

There are thousands of reasons to wear makeup, each as individual as the person wearing it. So for everyone reading this, know that makeup should be fun, don't wear it for anyone else, wear it for you, and rock it.

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