11 February 2015

The Trouble With 'Plus-Size' Models

Usually models are 6foot, size 4 girls - 23% slimmer than the average woman and because the majority of models and super-models look this way, we are led to believe that we are supposed to look this way too (I wrote more about that in this post). Tess Munster, a 5foot 5", size 24, 29 year old was signed to MiLK Model Management back in January and a lot of people had something to say about it. They were outraged that a woman of this size was allowed to be a model. Many people argue that 'plus-sized' models are glorifying an unhealthy lifestyle, but as Laci Green pointed out in her video on the subject, we already glorifying an unhealthy lifestyle, only instead we glorify one at the another end of the spectrum of self-loathing and constant body monitoring. Tess and other 'plus-size' models aren't telling us to eat chocolate for breakfast and drink nothing but molten sugar - just filling a gap in the market for models that look like some of the women they are selling clothes to.

My only problem with 'plus-size' models is that we call them 'plus-size' in the first place. Yet, only female 'plus-size' models are labelled 'plus-size' while a male model is called a male model whether he wears a size Small or an Extra-Large. Men of all shapes and sizes are shown in adverts while very, very few women larger than a size 10 are seen. With the average woman in Britain wearing a size 16, the ideal of the size 6 or smaller model is all the more ridiculous. While I believe that some models should be thinner because there are thinner women out there who want to see what clothes would look like on their body types, the same goes for slightly larger women who want to see what clothes would look like on them, whatever their size. Personally, I think it is fantastic that Tess was given a modelling contract and the sooner more people like Tess are signed to modelling agencies, the sooner body types in the media will diversify and people will stop striving towards the unattainable size 4s and be happy with themselves, so long as they are healthy. 

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